Part list - Amplifier GS35B

  • Plate Vacuum Variable Cap. 3 - 30 Pf 15KV (Jennings)
  • Load Air Variable Cap. 20 - 200pf 1000V
  • Input capacitor 3300pf silver mica 500v
  • Input tune air variable 100pf
  • L1 is 10 turns of 1,5mm copper wire. Ĝ 16mm 3,5cm long
  • L2 is 10 turns of 1,5mm copper wire(both coils are the same).
  • L3 is 4 turns of 6mm copperpipe Ĝ 50mm 5cm long.
  • L4 is 5 turns of 2,5mm wire. Ĝ 12mm 2,5cm long.
  • RFC1 15 turns of 2mm wire bifilar.10-12mm ferrite rod.
  • RFC2 50 turns of 0,8mm wire on PTFE Rod. Ĝ 25mm dia.(Anode Choke).
  • RFC3 68 turns of 0,2mm wire on form teflón of 6mm diameter.